Why to wash prayer mat?

Why to wash prayer mat

Prayer mats are a part of every Muslim person as they like to pray on them and sometime every person in a house has their own prayer mat so they can pray at the same time without any problem without waiting. Some people who travel a lot or working outside the city more days in a week should get a portable prayer mat as it will be suitable for them. When you get prayer mats online then you have to take care of them too and you have to keep that clean as well because the main use of prayer mat is to provide the clean surface for praying. Some people think that you cannot wash that but there is no reality in that so you can easily wash them by following these steps:


You need to read the instructions on cleaning that prayer rug or mat because every mat is manufactured differently so they will have the tag on them with the instructions to wash. You should see whether can go for machine wash them not. Some of the materials are too delicate to wash in the machine so you have to wash them by hand and it will be easier to have fresh look of your prayer mat for longer.


When you are going to wash a prayer pat for the first time then you have to first go for the washing test with the liquid or material you are using for washing that. Sometime these washing material have bleach in them and they will fade the colors of your prayer mat so you have to test that in one corner and take a very small part to test so it will not get prominence if faded.


Once you get the test done and there will be no change in the color of the rug or any problem with the cloth then you can easily wash that prayer mat because now you know how to do that and it is advised that when you are washing that in the washing machine then you have to run that machine on a lower speed so there will be no damage to the cloth. You can wash prayer mat of cotton material in the washing machine as it will not a very delicate stuff to get rip off.

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