Latest fashion trends for men

Latest fashion trends for men

In this day and age, men are not far behind the ladies when it comes to fashion and making style statements. Men’s fashion online UAE is making highlights in the fashion industry lately. There are always some statements and trends that rule the fashion industry for a specific period of time. These trends become the epitome of style statements and everybody tries to adhere to them. Every fashion trend brings a few pieces of clothing with them that become a staple in every person’s wardrobe. The year of 2021 had quite a start. In this article we will be discussing about the new fashion trends for men. These trends are listed below in this article.

Floral prints

The comeback of the beautiful floral prints brings a sudden sense of nostalgia way back from the 70s. While this trend has made its comeback after a very long time, it does not seem to be going back any shortly. Everybody has jumped on the bandwagon of floral prints. Even the big shots of the fashion industry, the high end brands like Tom Ford and Burberry have included floral prints in their new collection. Plus, floral print is the best when it comes to the summer and spring weather.

Bermuda shorts

As the summer has hit around the corner, people have started opting for shorts in order to beat the heat. After being out of fashion, the Bermuda shorts are back again to rule the game. To nail the look while wearing a Bermuda shorts, you must look for a length that is only a few inches shorter than your knee.

Relaxed tailoring

Tight, skin fitted clothes have been the talk of the town for quite a while now. But the latest fashion trends have brought back the loose, easy breezy style of clothing. It also gives your skin a bit of breathing time, and deservedly so. If you want to keep up with this trend, you must pay a visit to your local tailor and get your suit sewn by him. Even a loose outfit needs to fit you well in order to look good on you.

Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes are an all favorite. Everybody likes them and for several reasons too. These vertical stripes gives your body a nice shape and creates an illusion of a few dropped pounds.

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